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New “Lipo Factory” R.O.A.R Approved!!!

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October 17, 2016, Motor City, Florida

Lipo Factory Battery Line now R.O.A.R. Legal



Trinity Monster Horsepower Motor Series Dominates On-Road Classes at IIC!!!

10-7-16 Las Vegas, Nevada

For the first time I made the trip to the Scotty Ernst’s IIC Championships in Las Vegas! I don’t know why it took me so long but if you are thinking about going to this event, don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t wait! It is without a doubt one of the best races I have ever attended. In my 36 years of business with trips all over the world, I have never experienced the promoter opening the race door each morning himself and welcoming each and every racer. We all felt “like we were in this together”. There is no higher compliment I can give Scotty Ernst. Great Job!

This is was the first race Trinity used our new R.O.A.R. approved Monster Horsepower (TEP1701 13.5) and TEP1702 (17.5) motors. With very little testing on these in on-road we brought motor-guru Jim Dieter in to complete all the final tuning. To say Jim and the Monster were successful would be a vast understatement. They dominated the event.

For the new 6.5 Modified Class we used our 24K (6.5T)  REV1816 modified motors.

A great introduction for the new Trinity Monster Horsepower Series Motors! Andrew Knapp won all 3 classes 13.5 plus TQ (with Knapp 1st, Ray Darroch 2nd, and Hupo Honiji 4th place and 5 out of 10 in the main)

In 17.5 Andrew Knapp lead a 1-2 sweel with the TEP1502 (17.5)

In the Modified 6.5 class Trinity had 4 out of 10 in the A-Main with our 24K REV1816.

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13. 5 "A Main" Left to Right Hupo, Young Money, Ray Darrock, Hefty Jesus

13. 5 “A Main”
Left to Right Hupo, Young Money, Ray Darrock, Hefty Jesus

WINNER Andrew "Young Money" with the sexy Courtney Day!

WINNER Andrew “Young Money” with the sexy Courtney Day!

Knapp's winning World Championships CRC Car....class of the field

Knapp’s winning World Championships CRC Car….class of the field

New Monster Horsepower Stickers!!!!

New Monster Horsepower Stickers!!!!

Monster Horsepower

Monster Horsepower

Donny LIa ran a Lipo Factory LF4023 battery pack (only $29.99) to 3rd Place in the 235mm 1/10th class!

Donny LIa ran a Lipo Factory LF4023 battery pack (only $29.99) to 3rd Place in the 235mm 1/10th class!

Ron Schurr from Hobbywing and Jim Dieter of Trinity

Ron Schurr from Hobbywing and Jim Dieter of Trinity

Left to right Lauren "Money Train" Knapp, Andrew "Young Money" Knapp, Ray Darroch and Jim Dieter (SMILING)

Left to right
Lauren “Money Train” Knapp, Andrew “Young Money” Knapp, Ray Darroch and Jim Dieter (SMILING)

Lipo Factory Has Arrived!!!!

September 26, 2016 Motor City, Florida

In an effort to spend more time on performance-driven products which are economically affordable for racers who are not sponsored, Trinity is announcing it’s exclusive partnership with “Lipo Factory” in Mainland China.

*We will strive to offer affordable priced battery packs

*60 day warranty from date of purchase

*performance driven products without the high cost

Lipo Factory will start out with 4 Lipo battery products but we will be adding to the line new products for the car and drone market very aggressively in the coming months!

These 4 models are available today on our web site (www.teamtrinity.com)

LF4023 2S-4300mah 60C Shorty Pack with 5mm bullets $29.99

LF4025 2S-5000mah 60C Standard Pack with 5mm bullets $35.00

LF4026 2S-5000mah 60C Standard Pack with Deans $35.00

LF4027 2S-6500mah 60C Standard Pack with 5mm bullets $39.99

*all above pricing is street pricing to retail customers

Available exclusively through www.teamtrinity.com

lf-seal lf4023 lf4025 lf4026 lf4027

Trinity Unveils the “Equalizer Equation”

Ernie's Blog | 09/21/2016

September 21, 2016 Motor City, Florida

This industry needs a place for a young driver or an older driver who just wants to race, not compete with the best battery, best motor, best speedo etc etc etc.

A place where the playing field is “equal” and “affordable!

A place where we could build a bridge from the novice or entry driver to the hard-core enthusiast. Our industry needs this bridge to sustain and enhance the level our industry has grown into for the past 40 years!

Trinity is proud to announce the “Equalizer Equation” a package of an Equalizer 17.5 spec motor with locked timing and tamper-proof lables with serial numbers. If the stickers are peeled or lifted the motor is no longer available to be used. This first package will come with a 2S Shorty pack (since this first package is for the off-road market). We will be releasing an on-road and oval packages very soon. The battery packs will have the same “tamper-proof” stickers on them with serial numbers.

We are hoping to have a Street Price on this TEP1840 combo between $110-$125.00

We will be shipping these on 9-26-16

TEP1841 Equalizer 17.5 motors are already available with a street price of $60.00

The only way this will grow is if people, wholesalers, hobby shops and manufacturer’s get behind the concept. I hope for all of our sakes you see the urgency here and the importance of a class like this. None of us will get rich off of a product base like this but it solves two solutions: we all make some profit and we are taking the first step to sustain the growth of our industry!



equation equalizer generic equalizer-motor-battery 20160906_103451

Trinity “Monster Horsepower” Series Motors are here!!!!!

September 15, 2016 Motor City, Florida

Trinity releases their all new Trinity Monster Horsepower Spec motors in 10.5, 13.5, 17.5 and 21.5. Modified Motors will also follow in the next few weeks

Monster Horsepower Series is all new!

  • Aluminum based sensor board for true sensor alignment
  • 2mm Copper Tabs
  • Thermal Stator Coating for the best heat dissipation possible
  • New Rotor design which is a benefit for RPM and TORQUE
  • Turbine style vented nose
  • New 220C wire coating

img_5468motor-34-front motor-34-other-side motor-box-2

November Product Updates Here!

Our new summer product updates Read More >

Trinity’s 17.5T Equalizer Coming this September!!!

Ernie's Blog | 09/06/2016

September 6, 2016 Motor City, Florida

*The Equalizer will provide a level-playing ground for racers world-wide”

“Tamper-Proof” sticker deters people from opening the motor which will lead to less cheating.

“Low Cost benefits entry level racers” which hopefully provide a path to different classes and more time in the hobby!

*Very consistent motor” with this Equalizer measuring resistance as 20.9/20.9/21.0

*Check back for availability and pricing soon.

*Should be available 9-21-16.

*At this point only available in 17.5 but we can expand on demands to 13.5, 21.5, 25.5


equalizer with label

New Motolyser Firmware Update

Ernie's Blog | 08/31/2016

August 31, 2016, Motor City, Florida

All of our Motolysers shipping today will have the new firmware developed by Motolyser.

All current Motolyser owners can read about the new firmware and update their current machines with the link below.

New Firmware Update from Motolyser (PC only)
New firmware, 2.1.1-gc1dd

Release Notes:
– Increased test time for more stable output results, adjusts problems with high wind motors
– Adjusted under voltage protection
– Mainly bug fixes, HAL -> EMF transmission

Team Trinity Signs Patrick Rossiter!!!!!

August 24, 2016 Motor City, Florida

Team Trinity is extremely proud to announce the signing of Patrick Rossiter to our off-road team. Not only is Patrick a proven winner, but his experience and his joy for the sport can only enhance our off-road team. I cannot wait to work with him. Welcome Patrick!
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Motolyser introduces new DC 1S Booster! Part # TEP20249

August 22, 2016 Motor City, Florida

Motolyser introduces new DC 1S Booster! Part # TEP20249

Super Small and Low Weight, on/off switch is mounted right on the pcb not on cable like all the rest.
Get the advantage NOW! Used on many A-Finalists cars in this weeks 1/12th World Championship including TQ Marc Rheinard and the new World Champion Naoto Matsukura! (photo shown below)


Available for Pre-Order! Limited Quantities Available


20249 (5) 20249 (6) Sat-NaotoRoche-9-1200x720


Team Trinity

Team RevTech