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Trinity Announces New “OVAL” Weapon!!!!

November 14, 2016 Motor City, Florida

It is with great pleasure that Trinity introduces Ryan Rudy into our inner circle. Ryan will be testing, helping customers, building an oval team and doing motor and battery development especially in the “oval arena”
Born in Eau Claire, WI
Currently lives in Mooresville, NC
Studying both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
Started Bullet Motorworks in the Summer of 2013, built the TQ and A-Main winning motors for multiple classes at these major events:
2013 Sprint Nationals
2014 Sprint Nationals
2014 February Freeze
2015 February Freeze
2016 February Freeze
2015 Snowbird Nationals
2016 Snowbird Nationals
2015 Ovalmasters
2016 CRC New Years Dash
2014 TOUR Nats
From Ryan:
“What I hope to accomplish is to show/prove to the majority of racers that they do not need to obsess or chase numbers when it comes to motors, the key to success is knowing all aspects of the motor, using them to tune accordingly, and then gearing the car to run in the power band of each motor. I’m here to do the testing and put in the work for Trinity so our customers can have more fun racing and winning.”




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