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Trinity Unveils the “Equalizer Equation”

September 21, 2016 Motor City, Florida

This industry needs a place for a young driver or an older driver who just wants to race, not compete with the best battery, best motor, best speedo etc etc etc.

A place where the playing field is “equal” and “affordable!

A place where we could build a bridge from the novice or entry driver to the hard-core enthusiast. Our industry needs this bridge to sustain and enhance the level our industry has grown into for the past 40 years!

Trinity is proud to announce the “Equalizer Equation” a package of an Equalizer 17.5 spec motor with locked timing and tamper-proof lables with serial numbers. If the stickers are peeled or lifted the motor is no longer available to be used. This first package will come with a 2S Shorty pack (since this first package is for the off-road market). We will be releasing an on-road and oval packages very soon. The battery packs will have the same “tamper-proof” stickers on them with serial numbers.

We are hoping to have a Street Price on this TEP1840 combo between $110-$125.00

We will be shipping these on 9-26-16

TEP1841 Equalizer 17.5 motors are already available with a street price of $60.00

The only way this will grow is if people, wholesalers, hobby shops and manufacturer’s get behind the concept. I hope for all of our sakes you see the urgency here and the importance of a class like this. None of us will get rich off of a product base like this but it solves two solutions: we all make some profit and we are taking the first step to sustain the growth of our industry!



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