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Trinity White Carbon “LCG” Battery Packs NOW AVAILABLE

April 21, 2016 Motor City, Florida

Trinity has released the new White Carbon “LCG” (lower center of gravity) packs which are not as tall as a normal 2s pack and much lighter. They are available in 2 capacity ratings (5300 mah and 6300 mah). Designed for touring cars (but can also be used in off-road cars) and will have better cornering speed and quicker change of directions. The TEP2308 (5300mah) is approximately 255 grams and the TEP2309 (6300mah) is approximately 274 grams. Dimensions of the packs are 139mmx47mmx22.5mm (The Battery packs are lower in height compared to a normal 2s pack).

Available now on the Team Trinity E-Store



TEP2308-Picture TEP2309-Picture


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