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Trinity Dominates Snowbird Nationals.

Motor City, Florida. Once again Mike Boylan and the Snowbirds crew did not disappoint in the oval division. Not only was it one of the largest attended oval races this year but just about every fast big name was there to try and compete for the Overall Oval Champion and claim the ring that goes along with the crown. In order to wIMG_0954in this championship points are calculated by your highest finishing positions in the 10.5 class and the open modified class.

In the highly contested “SK” class EAN REILLEY was able to completely dominate this class with taking the Top Qualifier Position and for winning the championships by coming back from an early crash will almost put him down a complete lap at the start of the event. Excellent driving and will lead to his comeback and the SK Championship!



EAN “the Franchise” REILLEY dominated the “SK” class in the oval division TQ and Champion at the Snowbird Nationals


IMG_0954Next it was time for the 10.5 class. Competition was fierce all week in this event with Pete D’Agnolo and Anthony Searles. In the end it was Pete D’Agnolo taking the Championship and leading his two Trinity / Revtech teammates to a 1-2-3 sweep in the 10.5 Class. Pete D’Agnolo (Trinity/Revtech/KSG), Anthony Searles (Trinity/Revtech/T-Rex) and Dominic Ruggiere (Trinity/Revtech/McPappy)

The Final Race of the long weekend Modified Oval was last and would decide the overall champion of the Snowbirds Division. Josh Cyrul who has been the Snowbird’s IRON MAN for running more classes than humanly possible at many events decided once again to add some oval classes to his very heavy on-road program. With the help of Danny Stockman of DSI Industries, Josh ran a Stockman roller from KSG. In the early practices you could just see how well the car handled and how inevitably Josh Cyrul would be making some “noise” in this class. When the dust had settled Josh Cyrul (Trinity/Revtech/DSI) had emerged the winner in the Oval Modified Class with Andy (KSG) in second and Pete D’Agnolo in third. This finish would lock up the OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP for Pete D’Agnolo and the RING for the second year in a row!!!!


12647407_10153948852073436_7862397504074725943_nThe On-Road Division of the Snowbird Nationals was a great way to showcase the all new ReVtech 24k motor. Straight off of it’s total domination of the U.S Indoor Championships in Cleveland, Ohio over Thanksgiving weekend the 24K did not disappoint at the Snowbirds with more TQ’s and Wins than any other motor manufacturer at the event. Whether it was 13.5, 17.5 0r 21.5 the 24K delivered.









1382310_10153946478088436_5311771465455378822_nCongrats to Jamison Reichard who is the Top Qualifier for the Amateur 21.5 Touring Class using a REV1803 21.5 24K motor.










11225387_10153942581653436_1430656105167325110_nTeam Trinity/CRC Japan driver Kosuke Suzuki set the TQ and won the Championship for WGT-R 17.5 class









12647310_10153948468023436_979174396167412109_nAndrew Knapp and Jeremiah Ward lead a 1-2 finish in the USGT 21.5 class at the Snowbird Nationals with the new ReVtech 1803 21.5 24k motors. Andrew Knapp was also the Top Qualifier!








12651008_10153948599683436_783364943434048098_nAndrew “Young Money” Knapp dominated the 17.5 Class at the Snowbird Nationals being the Top Qualifier and Champion in the most competitive class at the event.








11227938_10153948846453436_5189231666859857394_n-1Congrats to Andrew “Young Money” Knapp for leading the 1-2-3 Sweep in 1/12th 13.5 with fellow teammates Jeff Dayger and Raymond Darroch at the Snowbird Nationals! 24K REV1801 13.5 dominated this class!








12647407_10153948852073436_7862397504074725943_nCongrats to Josh Cyrul for leading the 1-2-3 sweep in WGT 13.5 at the Snowbird Nationals with fellow teammates Max Kuenning and Steve Boice, Again the REV1801 13.5 24K “LEFT NO DOUBT”










Team Trinity

Team RevTech