1S 2S 3S  & 4S


The 2014 SnowBirds is history and once again Trinity/Revtech motors dominated the top step of the podium. We wish to salute all our Team for the great job they did and all our OEM motor partners who scored wins with Trinity/Revtech based motors.

Pete D’Agnolo does it again! Both TQ’s (10.5 and Pro Mod) Winning Both A Mains and “the Snowbirds Ring” for overall Champion. D3.5 powered!


Ean “Young Gun” Reilley takes 17.5 Stock with his Trinity D3.5 17.5 and ReVtech Formula X batteries. The Fastest all Week…winning every qualifier and the Main!




Congrats to Hayato Ishiaka CRC / Trinity for TQ and winning the F1 class at the Snowbird Nationals. Hayato used a ReVtech Certified 21.5 to Power his winning F1.


Congrats to Josh Cyrul for TQ in every round in WGT and leading the main wire to wire! He will be a force in 2014. Josh used a D3.5 and Revtech Formula X battery pack.


Congrats to Donny Lia (Trinity D3.5/13.5 / Sting 1S and Top 1/12) completely dominated the Top Qualifier position in 13.5 / 1/12th).











Team Trinity

Team RevTech