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Racing Tips Of The Week

By Andrew Knapp the 2013 TQ and Winner 1/12th 17.5 Class At The US Indoor Championships!At the 2013 Cleveland indoor champs the Trinity D3.5 and Revtech Formula X batteries were what gave me the power to top qualify 17.5 and 13.5 12th scale and also qualify second in modified 12th scale. The track was very fast running 7.4 second hot laps in 17.5 and 7.0 second hot laps in 13.5 12th.


17.5 12th scale TQ + 1st place motor setup Motor: TEP1082SC “CERTIFIED” Trinity D3.5 Rotor: Trinity TEP1112C “Certified” 12.5 high torque (+1526 -1526) Batteries: Revtech REV2018-5C “Certified” 1S Team Pack Gearing: 3.79″ rollout Timing: 25 degrees This was the best motor/rotor/gearing combination I found! The high torque rotor seems to be the best fit for me because the stong magnent helps the motor not fade thru the run. In testing the standard purple broadband rotor could run .1 second faster up front but fell off .2 second more than the 12.5 high torque rotor.


13.5 12th scale TQ + 2nd All though I did not win 13.5 I learned some key motor setup information Motor: Trinity TEP1081SC “Certified” D3.5/13.5 Batteries: Revtech REV2018-5C “Certified 1S Team Pack” Rotor: 12.5 high torque Gearing: 3.30″ rollout Timing: 25 degrees I liked the high torque rotor again because it made my motor stay fast from beginning to end with little fade.


Ray Darroch’s motor and gearing which he qualified 2nd and won the 13.5 12th scale A main at 2013 Cleveland Indoor Champs Motor: Trinity TEP1082 D3.5 Rotor: Trinity standard broadband rotor TEP1102 Gearing: 3.30″ Timing: 25 degrees


Team Trinity

Team RevTech