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US OVAL MASTERS, 197 Motors Teched, 196 Were Trinity!

Trinity would like to thank the Oval Community, our OEM partners, our loyal team racers and naturally our customers for the continued support of our product for “Carpet Oval”

To say the Trinity D3.5 was the motor of choice would be an understatement:

Of the 197 motors that went through MOTOR TECH Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 196 (all but one) of those motors were based off of the Trinity D3.5

D3.5’s won every class and there were 10 out of 10 D3.5’s in every main event

Special Thanks to all of our OEM partners especially:

Todd Putnam and Propulsion

Tag and Extreme Motorsports

Eric Anderson and EAM Motorsports

Jeff Schroeder and Fantom

Oval MAsters



Team Trinity

Team RevTech