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Racing Tips of The Week! (9.18.2013)

This weeks tips from David, JR, Andrew and Mark

David Mayhew

A great rule of thumb for oval racing is, Low, Left and Light. Keep all your added weight Low, to the left and make sure you keep your car as light as possible. Moving lead forward to back will make a handling difference, but your pretty much always going to want to keep all of your weight on the left side of the car.  Play with the %’s and see what your car likes and keep notes of it.

David A Mayhew Factory Trinity “A” Team



JR Mitch:

I did some stock racing this past weekend and found out some interesting things I would like to share.

Gearing with the right timing is key. My first qualifier I didn’t have the timing right for what gearing I was running. The motor came off at a cool 115. For the next round I timed up Instead of gearing up and the car had the same corner speed but gave me added speed at the end of the straightaway and the temp came up slightly. All in all I think with stock lower gearing with the right timing will save your equipment and go fast at the same time. The TLR 22 2.0 Gearing was 27/70 with 59 Degrees of timing at holeshot raceway Stanford Florida.

JR Mitch, Trinity  Factory “A” Team


Andrew Knapp

When you purchase your next Team Trinity Revtech Killshot 17.5 or 13.5 make sure you try both the rpm and torque versions.

Every track is different and depending on the layout the rpm could be faster than the torque version just as the torque could be faster than the rpm.

A fast and flowing layout would require an rpm stator, a tight and technical layout would need a torque stator for the best performance!

Trinity has given everyone the options of 2 different stators (rpm and torque) so that you can always have the advantage at any race you attend!

Andrew Knapp Trinity Factory  “A” Team


Mark Smyka:

One of the biggest things I have found with spec racing is lipo temp the warmer the pack is the better it will preform I know most people will charge at higher rates to get this heat I have found that if I discharge my pack in a trinity lipo locker then charge it I always get the best performance out of it

Mark Smyka Factory Trinity “A” Team



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