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Racing Tips Of The Week!

This weeks tips from Mark, Andrew and JR.

Hi Guys, Here is my set-ups to help with your tuning.

17.5 touring car:

New Revtech Killshot 17.5 “RPM” Set-up:

Don’t think that just because the motor is an rpm motor that means you can gear higher, in fact you gear lower. At the 2013 Roar Onroad Paved Nationals I geared the RPM killshot with a 3.55FDR and 50 degrees of timing with the standard purple trinity rotor. This is a good starting point for asphalt 17.5, but remember not to throw too much gear and motor timing at it right away start by under gearing and under timing and then adjust for motor temperature.

Revtech 17.5 Killshot torque

As the motor says in it’s name it is designed for more torque that means you can run more gear than the rpm killshot. I ran the torque killshot with a 3.21 FDR with 50 degrees of timing in the motor and purple stock trinity rotor. This was for asphalt outdoors. Again gear and time low at first, no sense in trying to hurt the motor with too much heat!

Modified 12th scale

Trinity modified motors are known for there incredible speed and everyone wants to start off with a crazy fast 3.5. Tune your motor in for your driving style. softer magnet rotor will give the motor a smooth driving feel, and a higher torque rotor will give the motor a lot of punch off the line.  It is important to find the right balance of top speed and torque to be fast in modified 12th scale.

Andrew Knapp

Team Trinity Multi-National Champion



Hey everyone here is my quick tip of the week . This week lets talk about front end setup on 1/12 cars. Most of the time I will Always  start off with 5 degrees of reactive caster and go drive my car this is my baseline starting point so I know I will have a very neutral starting point .I will add more or take some away depending if my car needs more or less steering . If I feel like I need more I will add some If the car feels to aggressive I will take some out

Hope this helps

Mark Smyka

Factory Team Trinity Driver



One of the best ways to make things more easier and at the same time perform better is to have good bullet plugs with low resistance Bullet plugs are the choice of serious races for both on road and off road. Lower resistance and less wires.

Trinity has stepped up and made the new Formula X 5mm (larger bullets for this reason). It helps with both heat and speed.

REV2206 5mm Standard Connector (1 pair) Retail $3.99

REV2208 5mm Hi-End PUR COPPER Gold Plated Connector (1 pair) $6.99

REV2210 4mm to 5mm Battery Adapter (Allows use of current 4mm charger plugs) $9.99 Retail.

JR Mitch

Team Trinity










Team Trinity

Team RevTech