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Racing Tips Of The Week!

Safe Storage and Charging of your Lipo Batteries

While Charging your Lipo’s it’s good idea to use a Lipo Charging bag (Trinity’s Lipo Locker is a great bag  REV2203)

It’s designed to be used as a safer way to store and charge your batteries between races and it’s comes in a small size easily fits in your tool box or hauler bag. Also for storing of your Lipo’s I recommend recharge them after each race day to a little over 8.00 V’s on a 2 cell Lipo.

Remember no Li-Po charging bag is actually fire proof, they are all designed to simply contain Li-Po fires for as long as possible  to provide more time to extinguish the fire and minimize possible damage to persons and surroundings.

JR Mitch

Team Trinity




#1- For oval racing make sure you take advantage of the motor options available from Trinity. For classes that utilize speedo timing try and use the 12.3 rotors and for the non-timing or blinky classes the 12.5 would be a better choice. Play with rotor strengths to help maximize performance. Try the new TEP1113 and TEP1114 HT rotors Trinity released last month.

#2- In oval racing body mounting is very critical, mount your body as low as possible per the rules and play with moving the body forward or rearward. Little changes in body placement can result in large changes on the track and stopwatch!

#3- A great rule of thumb for oval racing is, Low, Left and Light. Keep all your added weight Low, to the left and make sure you keep your car as light as possible. Moving lead forward to back will make a handling difference, but your pretty much always going to want to keep all of your weight on the left side of the car.  Play with the %’s and see what your car likes and keep notes of it.

#4- The rear pod in an oval car can bind up very easily. Please take the time to make sure you motor wires are nice and free without your shocks hooked up so that it doesn’t bind your pod up. This will create a bad handling car if there is much resistance at all. Keep her freed up and the times on the track will be much more repeatable.

Good Luck in your racing and hope this helps!

David Mayhew, Team Trinity




Team Trinity

Team RevTech