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Racing Tips of The Week!

This weeks Pro Tips are brought to you by Mark Smyka, David Mayhew & J.R. Mitch

Mark Smyka (Multi-National On-Road Champion)

Hello everyone I hope last weeks tip was helpful so here is a new one to give a try .

Some times you get to a track and you already have a great setup you are running the times you need to but your car is very hard to drive. this could be the cause of a few things side springs are to stiff or they are to soft or it could be your side damping fluid could be to heavy or to soft also .

First thing I like to do is try and see if it is a spring issue so I will take a half turn of pre-load out of my side springs and go run the car and see if it is worse or better if its worse I will take the side springs off and go one step softer spring if this makes a improvement but car is still a touch edgy I will go to my side damping fluid

The easiest way to see if your side damping is to heavy is a trick I learned years ago from a wise old man (sorry frank) I will run my car a few laps and see how it feels then I will bring it over to someone on the side of the track and have them take one of my side tubes off if this makes a improvement I will go back to my pits and change my tube lube to a thinner fluid if it makes the condition worse I will bring it in and go thicker  then go back out on the track .

Hope this is helpful ,

Mark Smyka

Team Trinity


David Mayhew Multiple National Oval Champion and Professional Race Car Driver

The tip for this week is all about note taking. Keeping the best notes you can will help you in future situations and help make for more consistent race results. Keep track of everything that you can think of.  I have a folder with sections in it for each class and write down everything I can from each run, whether that be practice or race conditions. Sometimes it takes some time to get it all done but in the end your racing will be better off with them as you can go back and review changes you have made in similar situations and make a little better guess for the next time.

David Mayhew

Team Trinity


JR Mitch (Multi-Off-road National Champion)

Tip of the Week:

Be sure to not charge your Trinity LiPo Batteries too soon before using them in a qualifier or a main. Charging them too soon will not let you have the full potential (voltage and run-time) of the batteries capability.

JR Mitch

Team Trinity



Team Trinity

Team RevTech