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Oval Racing and Tire Maintenance

Good Morning Guys, Today we will provide some tips on Tire selection and maintenance. There are a few small tips that will help your budget and speed that are easy to follow. Check back each week for more tips and setup advise. These tips are based more on the open and faster classes but work well in the stock/spec classes as well.

Don’t start your tires on the rims. I see guys all the time cut tires down to nothing and try to run them one time. This may work at a HUGE race with TONS of bite but on average there may be 3/4 races a year that this will be better and it will more than likely only be for a round or two at that event. I start around 2.14 for weekly racing and can get at least 2 race days on a set. Most of the time the best times will be when the tires have more sidewall and give that little extra side bite. Just because something works for someone at a large event with tons of bite doesn’t mean it will work weekly at your local track. Save yourself some cash and start those tires a little on the  larger side. Check back each week for more tips and setup advise.

– David Mayhew Jr.


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