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Kill Shot 17.5 Set-up Info

Here’s the latest set up info for the Kill Shot 17.5 from the pros themselves. Enjoy!

From Andrew Knapp (Touring Car)

17.5 Touring Car

  • Rpm Kill Shot 3.55 fdr with 45degrees timing would be a good starting spot
  • Torque killshot 3.25 fdr with 45degrees timing would be good
  • Both with stock standard purple rotor. Could upgrade to TEP1112 High Torque rotor
  • Don’t go over 50-55 degrees timing or you will risk over heating and blowing motor up


From JR Mitch (Off-Road) Losi

  • 22t Gearing would be 76/ 25 with 59 deg
  • 22 Gearing would be 70/32 with 59 deg
  • Both with a TEP1112 12.5 high torque rotor


From Mark Smyka


  • At the R.O.A.R. Nationals I ran the Revtech Kill-Shot 17.5R (rpm version)
  • 40 degrees timing with 4.10 final drive ratio


  • I use Max timing 12.3 (purple rotor) Gearing 31/98


Team Trinity

Team RevTech