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Ernie Talks about 21.5 vs 17.5

There is a rumor going around that ROAR and TOUR (Oval Body) is considering substituting the 21.5 for the “most popular class of racing”17.5! What is the old cliche? Why try and fix something that is not broke?

Honestly I have seen this happen in ROAR several years ago where “due diligence” was “thrown to the wind” and major decisions to our industry were made in a room with 6 people. My personal opinion is that our industry is still paying for those “decisions” although I am sure those people acted in “good faith” and believed they were the best decisions at the time.

Our industry needs stability from the manufacturer’s, racers, organizers and especially organizing bodies. We need to be able to “SELL SOMETHING” to people outside our scope and not continue to only “cater to the same 100 people traveling to the races”. I am not singling out these good racers who are die-hard hobbyists and should be commended for that as well as supporting the industry as they have, but we need to extend a bridge and build or rebuild our industry so more and more people enter and less and less people leave! We need to satisfy both groups! The people we currently have and the group of new enthusiasts who we are hopefully going to attract.

What do we have to sell to these people? At the moment we have an over-abundance of classes, too many race events, different rules for different sanctioning bodies and private promoters using some rules and not others when it helps their own advancement and ability to make money from these events.

So ladies and gentlemen…we have only ONE THING TO SELL….”SPEED”. The excitement of “lighting up the tires”, dueling with your friends, close racing etc etc.

Do we really want to tell the people who have stayed in the industry for so long and supported all of us…once again to leave! What happened to the huge entries at Nationals when we used “BRUSHED MOTORS” before the BRUSHLESS? Where are all these people? They left! Just because you sell out an off-rad Nationals with people running multiple classes does not mean our industry is healthy! Some of these people making all these decisions should attend local races in this economy that we all find ourselves in which is drowning all of us day by day!

Experienced races are not going to be happy running killer cars with 21.5 motors! We are looking only for newbies? Racers who have competed for years and tried to perfect their craft do not want to run SLOWER! To tell these people either run 21.5 (with a rubber band around your transmitter) or go to full blown modified motors is a terrible dis-service to them as well as our own industry. How many people can actually race a modified motor in a car to it’s potential?

Of course we need a bridge to gain new people in our sport but we don’t need yet another class to dilute the one hundred people we have now at race events racing 3-4 classes.

We need to return to how this industry was built. 2 classes Stock (17.5 blinky) and full blown modified racing. People that run Modified cannot race 17.5 blinky! And the most important a TRUE PRODUCTION CLASS where a novice racer can buy a car in the hobby shop and compete in the races. What will that take….(Car manufacturer’s, tire manufacturer’s, speed control manufacturer’s will need to do what motor and battery companies have been doing for years! Limit their cost, choices and submit their items to ROAR and TOUR for approval to make sure the specifications are right! Those who are interested in a true Production Class). Maybe this is the platform for the 21.5 ROAR and TOUR are looking to promote? An on-road, oval or touring car at reduced price with no after-market allowed or promoted, a reduced-price speed control (less bells and whistles), Tires which are provided with the entry “AT A REASONABLE PRICE” or sold at a reduced price to the hobby shops and all of these products submitted to ROAR and TOUR and kept on a list and enforced. And then the most important thing of all….A NATIONAL “SEEDING” system where racers get a National Seeding # (gives them the motivation to race and improve that seeding) and NO racer with any type of support, funding, working for a manufacturer, friend of a manufacturer etc etc can race or participate in this PRODUCTION class! And a racer who enters 17.5 stock or modified obviously cannot race PRODUCTION.

We have three seeding lists which will build excitement for on-road, off-road and oval. One for 17.5, one for Production 21.5 and one for Modified Racing.

Who would not want to be the # 1 ranked driver in their specific class. We then have GOALS!!! This is something our hobby never has experienced. Achieving goals to improve yourself and your skill level!

This should and could become the most important class of racing for hobby shops, ROAR, TOUR and our industry.

I do not expect ROAR or TOUR to change this on my one blog but hopefully this can open a dialog between racers, affiliates and the organizing bodies so that we can all come up with a solution that is best for the industry. The aspects outlined here are all very doable and can be completed with the people “already in place” within ROAR and TOUR in my opinion.

I think it’s time to not only think about the future but stop making decisions on a private web-site with very few people’s input. Let’s try and get more people involved and limit our classes so it appears there is much more excitement and entries for outside people who are considering entering our hobby.


See you next week…..Ernie



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