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Racing Tips of The Week!

This weeks Pro Tips are brought to you by Mark Smyka, David Mayhew & J.R. Mitch

Ernie Talks about 21.5 vs 17.5

There is a rumor going around that ROAR and TOUR (Oval Body) is considering substituting the 21.5 for the “most popular class of racing”17.5! What is the old cliche? Why try and fix something that is not broke? Honestly I have seen this happen in ROAR several years ago where “due diligence” was “thrown to more

1/12 Pro Tip from Mark Smyka

Hey everyone here is a little tip I have found over the years to make driving my 1/12 car a little easier if traction is med to high.

Oval Racing and Tire Maintenance

Good Morning Guys, Today we will provide some tips on Tire selection and maintenance. There are a few small tips that will help your budget and speed that are easy to follow. Check back each week for more tips and setup advise. These tips are based more on the open and faster classes but work more

Kill Shot 17.5 Set-up Info

Here’s the latest set up info for the Kill Shot 17.5 from the pros themselves. Enjoy!


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