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Where do we go from here?

Our industry has been in a series of turmoil the past six months! Frustration, Emotions have run wild, ego’s have ruled the day in most cases and racing and the customers have paid the price of inconvenience. Obviously I am speaking about the lawsuit effecting the Trinity D3.5 / 17.5 spec motor. It has a huge impact on the industry due to the popularity, the sales and the performance. I will not speak about who was right and who was wrong. Honestly this is irrelevant at this point.

My chief concern from the beginning was twofold: to restore the innocence of our company and to allow the customers who purchase this motor in good faith a platform where they can use their motors that they trusted Trinity and ROAR to buy. This was the crux of our settlement and thank God the “new” people at ROAR especially the President Steve Mruk felt the same way about the responsibility to our customers (both ROAR and Trinity).

I personally plan to work with ROAR to strengthen our industry and I feel ROAR has made such great strides to put us all in a better place for our industry in 2014. The Independent Labs will be restored soon and those of you who have not attended a ROAR Nationals in a while in my opinion will be extremely impressed by ROAR’s team that comes in and runs the Nationals start to finish. Jimmy Babcock and others did an excellent job in West Palm Beach (the on-road Nats)

The message for my first blog. Let’s all work together. Let’s dispense of the “drama” that takes all the fun out of racing. Let’s support ROAR and hope the organizers around the country will start to make all their events “ROAR events” and we can all RUN ONE SET OF RULES! Consistency like this is what we need to grown and what our customers SHOULD WANT! There are no problems as long as they are “consistent and transparent”. If we continue to have organizers run events, complete series, cash events etc based on their own agenda and rules this will only hurt us as an industry. Perhaps if we could work together sometime in the future, ROAR, EFRA, FEMCA, BRCA, JMRCA and IFMAR could all RUN THE SAME EXACT RULES, we could have one approval process and fee and have racing tied together. I know that’s a lofty goal but our industry could really move to the next level if this ever happened. Could lead to a world-wide ranking system and excitement this industry has never seen before. We need to restore the excitement and enjoyment that other people experienced in the early 90’s if we ever hope to return to those glory days!

Hope you enjoyed the thoughts and I will try and keep them coming. For suggestions for other dialogs or topics email me eprovetti@teamtrinity.com

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Thanks, Ernie


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